Fancy Eloping to New York City?

After getting engaged, we had limited time to get married before our overseas move.

With excitement we researched the Sydney wedding scene. Our excitement turned to disarray when we realised we were going to have to pick between using a chunk of our savings for a house deposit or a wedding. Are you freaking kidding me?! I refused to spend $30-$40k or possibly more on what can only be described as a one day party.

We planned to visit my husband’s family in the UK later in the year and while looking at flights we came up with the idea. ‘lets just get married along the way’. We each booked a month off work and started to look for interesting destinations en route to London.

We considered Asia, but as we were soon to be moving there we wanted something different. Initially, we settled on Hawaii but flight schedules didn’t work.

It then came to us… New York City.

I have previously lived in the great US of A so knew which cities would be perfect for us, We would marry in New York, travel to Chicago and onto San Francisco while wrapping around our trip to London and Manchester. Let me tell you, it probably sounds amazing but this amount of flying with a 7 year old (from Oz) was no easy feat.


New York City became an even better choice when we discovered you only have to apply for a wedding licence 24 hours before getting married.

Word of warning on this matter – do your homework.. I know in Sydney you have to apply 30 days prior.

I found an amazing guy online, Harley Hall, who runs a company called New York Dream Weddings. Nothing was too much effort for him. I was so impressed. He helped us find our perfect location, arranged the celebrant, photographer, hair & make artist, and our amazing floral arrangements. You hear of so many horror stories from brides getting married overseas, I kept expecting something to go wrong or become stressful, but it didn’t. I’m probably the only bride in history so relaxed leading up to the big day that my food of choice for 3 days in NY was great burgers. Would I even fit in my dress?

Although David gave me a beautiful engagement ring, we hadn’t had the time to find our  wedding bands before we left Sydney. Every jeweller we visited in Sydney told us it would take 4-6 weeks to make what we wanted as they didn’t carry rose gold stock. The day before the wedding we were walking down a street in New York’s diamond district when we popped into a store on 47th Street. It was like serendipity, they had exactly what we wanted.

On the morning of the 4th July 2016, the boys got suited up, I got my hair and make up done and stepped into my wedding dress. Our destination…Central park. We were to be married at the Gapstow Bridge. It was a glorious day, the sun was shining and being on Independence Day, NYC was abuzz with pride.


The ceremony went without a hitch, Jonathan somehow found a random mattress to bounce on and ran around like roadrunner while we had some newly wed photos taken.


We took a horse and carriage ride around Central Park – a perfect way to end our ceremony.


As onlookers smiled and congratulated us, we walked over beaming to The Plaza Hotel opposite Central Park. We popped open a bottle of fine Champagne and scoffed an amazing meal of oysters, lobster sliders, sashimi, and masses of other seafood. It was amazing!

The Perfect Day.

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  1. Adele says:

    Beautiful story for what sounds like a perfect stress free wedding. Gorgeous pictures you have to remember your special day.


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